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Gear Up!

Upgrade You Team’s Skills

Corporate Training

LNA Corporate Training Solutions provides comprehensive, personalized learning that is vision 2030 – driven and results-driven. Gearup and upgrade your team’s skills to empower them to meet your strategic goals. LNA designs solutions for national, and
multinational private, public, and non-profit organizations to meet and exceed their diverse and complex needs.

Meet Your Objectives

With ongoing learning, you can
help your employees grow their
skills so that you can meet your
organization’s objectives.

Upgrade Your Team

Finding people that fit into the culture
of your organization can be difficult.
With our corporate training, you can
increase the skillset of your existing
team, and promote from within.

Improve Employee Retention

Investing in your employees to
gain additional skills will not
only help you get more efficient
and effective team, but you’ll
also increase retention rates

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Current Workshops

Occupational Health and Safety

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The workshop covers the basic skills that are important to health and safety. It assesses learners’
ability to apply their skills and knowledge and deliver positive change throughout the workplace.
It is a carefully designed workshop that meets the needs of the industrial
workplace and empowers attendees to perform different tasks.

Customize a program, sponsor students