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Health and Safety

This program allows graduates to help companies make sensible and practical decisions in order to manage risk, meet business objectives, and meet regulatory and other requirements.

HVAC Technician

This program allows technicians to install, maintain and repair indoor air quality systems, such as air conditioners. This includes performing warranty services and emergency repairs. This may also include assisting with customers' queries.

Supply Chain Management

This program provides trainees with a general overview of logistics and supply chain concepts. Topics address all steps of the supply chain process, including procurement of materials, shipping, warehousing, and distribution of finished goods.

Electrical Technician

This program provides trainees with the knowledge and skills necessary to diagnose and repair electrical problems in commercial and domestic electrical systems as well as maintaining and testing electrical systems.

Quality Control Building Inspection

This program allows graduates to check the quality of the organizations products and ensure that all requirements are fulfilled.

Business Administration

This program teaches graduates about the office environment and how to communicate in business settings. It also teaches them how to maintain business resources, financial records, and business records.

Chemical Laboratory Technician

This program allows graduates to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to work in a chemical laboratory. Graduates will be able to analyzing samples, prepare samples and solutions, and make and purify chemicals.