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Electrical Technician Program

Electrical Technician program will prepare trainees with knowledge, technical skills and abilities required to pursue career as an electrical technician. Trainees will be able to inspect, construct and repair electrical systems. Upon completion of the program trainees will be trained to work with wiring and other electrical components, such as circuit breaker panels, switches, and light fixtures. Trainees will also be able to install, maintain, and repair electrical systems in various sectors like residential, business and factories.

Electrical Technician Program Highlights:

Electrical Technician training program will prepare trainees with knowledge and skills in fundamentals of electricity, electrical safety; electric circuits and theory, basic electrical construction drawings; electrical Services, test equipment, electrical wiring and electrical measurements.

The training program also develop understanding of Alternating Current, Motors, electrical cables and panel, power distribution, transformers, substation and troubleshooting of Electric circuits and Electrical systems

Trainees will also have opportunity for practical work and hands-on experience in labs as well as use of simulation software to construct and test electrical circuits

Electrical Technician Program Outcomes:

Obtain the required English, Math, and Clerical skills necessary for the work environment

Analyse, interpret, modify, and prepare electrical drawings, layouts, and reports, with guidance as required

Apply electrical theories and principles in electrical circuits.

Apply electrical theories and principles in electrical wiring installation.

Measure unknown electrical quantities using electrical measuring instruments.

Splice/Join electrical conductors according

Understand and connect electrical components in series or parallel to suit for voltage and current capacity requirements.

Understand Functions of transformers and Motors

Troubleshoot motors

Perform corrective and preventive maintenance of electrical systems

Perform roughing-in, trim-out and install wiring devices and lighting fixtures

Troubleshoot, repair and maintain residential electrical wiring system.

Apply typical approaches in troubleshooting, repairing and maintaining motor control circuits.

Design electrical installation requirements for a given load for residential/commercial/industrial building.

Install electrical wiring

Determine transformer type and size for installation

Troubleshoot, repair and maintain wiring system

Apply best practices in electrical estimating.

Perform electrical estimate in accordance with the given electrical plan.

Perform task required in the field of electrical technology as assigned by a site supervisor.

Apply relevant practices in compliance with safety policies and current regulations for electrical work requirements

Minimum Requirements