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Health and Safety

Health & Safety program prepares trainees with knowledge required to understand the principles guidelines related to health & safety at workplace, with specific reference to legislation. Trainees will be prepared to have the skills and abilities to identify and recognize workplace responsibilities, health issues, hazards, risks and controls, along with safe operation and care of trade related equipment.

Health and Safety

Program Highlights:

Trainees will have the solid training in the required practices of occupational health & Safety

Trainees will learn about effective health & Safety Communication, Risk Assessment & Control, Health and Safety Induction & Culture, Health & Safety Management Systems, Health& Safety Auditing.

Trainees will also learn how develop Health & Safety Policy, Risk control options, Monitoring &Preventing of risks and Investigation procedures and Managing Contractors

Health and Safety

Program Outcomes:

Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts, historical development, and legislation which ensures health and safety for the worker in the workplace

Demonstrate an understanding of the roles that individuals play in providing a healthy and safe workplace

Develop and utilize communication skills and knowledge of the group process to promote and implement health and safety programs for employees, their families and the community

Identify the factors that affect the health and the safety of the worker and the workplace

Obtain the required English, Math, and Clerical skills necessary for the work environment

Develop and utilize problem-solving skills in the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of occupational health and safety programs

Demonstrate a working knowledge of the fundamentals of occupational health and safety hazards, their evaluation and control

Demonstrate an understanding of the principles and techniques of leadership, adult education and the role of the joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee management

Explain when and how to access the expertise in Occupational Health and Safety available in KSA

Minimum Requirements